Healthy Gators

Healthy Gators is a coalition of students, faculty and staff from more than 40 University of Florida departments and organizations working together to create a healthier campus. UF First Lady Chris Machen is the chair of Healthy Gators,  whose mission is to promote a campus environment supportive of the development and maintenance of a healthy body, mind and spirit for all members of the University of Florida community.

Healthy Gators accomplishes its mission by:

  • Assessing the health status and needs of the campus community
  • Developing and supporting health policies on campus
  • Making recommendations about campus health priorities
  • Raising awareness and accessibility of health services

Healthy Gators is a part of the Healthy People and the Healthy Campus initiatives. Healthy People is a set of national health objectives designed to promote health and prevent disease. The federal government creates these health objectives every ten years by working with an alliance of more than 350 national organizations and 250 state health, mental health, substance abuse, and environmental agencies. Healthy Campus 2010 focuses on the Healthy People objectives that are relevant to college campuses.

Over the course of the multi-year project, the group will conduct comprehensive assessments of campus health and subsequently will design, implement and evaluate policies and interventions that will make the University of Florida a healthier place to live, study and work.