Archives from April 2013

Simple techniques that make it easier to retrieve missing books

People no longer have to go through a binder full of paperwork to find their missing books. It’s now just a click away.

Local bookstore owners are now using new and improved database technology in order to make the process of finding missing books less time consuming and confusing.

We have catalogers that create records for each book or reuse existing records and then localize them with specific additional information,” said Patrick Reakes, the chair of Humanities and Social Sciences… Read More »

Gator Dining Services partners with the UF Office of Sustainability

As a part of UF’s efforts to become a zero-waste campus by 2015, Gator Dining Services teamed up with the UF Office of Sustainability in an attempt to reduce waste at Gator Corner Dining Center and Fresh Food Company, according to the UF Office of Sustainability website.

Laurel Nesbit, an assistant in the UF Office of Sustainability, said “the mission is to be a model of sustainability and to use the campus as a living laboratory to put into practice sustainability ideas. Gator Dining… Read More »