UF Student Guide to Making a Sexual Harassment Report

  • If a student is sexually harassed, the student can make a formal complaint report to the Institutional Equity and Diversity officer and/or to the Dean of Students Office/Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (DSO/SCCR). Resources and reporting options can be found online at

  • If a student is sexually assaulted (criminal sexual harassment/sexual battery), the student can make a formal incident report to the University Police Department (UPD). To see a flowchart of what happens when a report is made, click here Reporting the Sexual Harassment of a Student to the UPD.Any student who has been sexually harassed is encouraged to make a report but is not required to do so, and the student’s right to choose options is fully recognized.
  • Any student with knowledge of the sexual harassment of another student is encouraged to make a report but is not required to do so, unless the information was obtained by the student as a UF employee acting in the capacity of a University Official. In that case, the student employee has the obligation to report this information.
  • A student can make an anonymous report of sexual harassment although this is more difficult to investigate.
  • For confidential consultation about sexual harassment, a student can contact the Office of Victim Services, the Counseling and Wellness Center.
  • Students can also report sexual harassment to any UF Faculty or Staff member. Keep in mind that the Faculty and Staff persons are considered University Officials and will be obligated report knowledge of student sexual harassment.