The work of the Committee is focused on the following goals and objectives:

Developing a sense of community within the Division

Community: a sense of belonging to the Division of Student Affairs at all levels; feeling connected to all departments in the Division; understanding how all departments contribute to the goals, mission, vision and values of the Division. As part of its mission, SEED seeks to create a sense of community within the Division of Student Affairs. To accomplish this, the SEED Team will design activities and programs that meet the needs of Division employees utilizing the results of the SEED Assessment, “Planting Your Thoughts.” SEED plans to host various activities for the Division, enabling employees from its seven departments to get to know one another in informal settings. From ice cream socials to community service projects, SEED hopes to make your experience within the Division worthwhile.

Creating learning and development programs

Learning & Development: training opportunities and quality of training, acquiring job skills or knowledge which contribute to our profession and personal development.

Designing recognition programs

Recognition: acknowledging one’s accomplishments and service to the Division of Student Affairs as well as the UF community.

Conducting satisfaction assessments

Satisfaction: contentment/fulfillment with one’s job and the culture and climate of the Division; employees’ attitudes and morale

Developing and sharing resources

Resources: tools, supplies, finances or intangibles that enable us to carry out functions of our job.

Providing opportunites for research, scholarship, and professional development

Scholarship: research and/or knowledge that guides and enhances our daily and/or long-term roles within the Division and university.