Supervision and Control Policies

Control provisions

University of Florida Rule 6C1-2.019, Alcoholic Beverages

Any person or group of persons holding a function at a location where consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted under the provisions of this rule, shall abide by the following regulations in conducting the function:

  • The person or group(s) holding the function shall establish precautionary measures at the function to ensure that alcoholic beverages are not served to persons under the legal drinking age, to persons who appear intoxicated, or to persons known to be addicted to intoxicants.
  • At the function, a person (or persons) over the legal drinking age must be designated as the server(s).  The server(s) shall not consume alcoholic beverages.  All alcoholic beverages to be served at the function must be located so that access to them can be had only through the designated server(s).
  • Nonalcoholic beverages must be available at the same place as the alcoholic beverages and featured as prominently as the alcoholic beverages.  A sufficient amount of non-salty, non-“snack” food must also be available.
  • The only alcoholic beverages that may be possessed or consumed at the function are those alcoholic beverages served at the function, and the alcoholic beverages must be consumed within the designated area in which the function is being held.
  • Drinking contests or any other activities which encourage the rapid and/or excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages shall not be permitted at the function.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be served or consumed at any social event held in conjunction with fraternity rush or other organized drive to recruit students on campus.
  • Alcoholic beverages, such as kegs or cases of beer, shall not be provided as free awards, prizes, or rewards to an individual(s) or group(s).
  • Additional guidelines for the serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages may be established by the person or group holding the function.
  • Any event which will have student attendance also requires the approval of the Dean of Students.
  • The permission granting authority for any approved location will notify the University Police Department of any function where alcoholic beverages are served.  The University Police Department will determine if a uniformed member of, or a substitute approved by the Chief of Police of the University Police Department, must be present during the function.  In such cases, the University Police Department expense must be paid by the sponsoring group.
  • All announcement(s) or advertisement(s), including, but not limited to, flyer(s), notice(s), poster(s), banner(s), tee-shirt(s), promotional items, and newspaper and radio advertisement(s), concerning the function shall note the availability of nonalcoholic beverages at the function as prominently as the availability of alcoholic beverages, and note that proper identification is required in order to be served or sold alcoholic beverages, shall not make reference to the amount of alcoholic beverages, as, for example, the number of kegs of beer, available at the function, nor to any form of drinking contest, and shall not use images of kegs, alcoholic beverage bottles or containers, or alcoholic beverage glasses. 

Such advertisement(s) or announcement(s) should not portray the drinking of alcoholic beverages as a solution to personal or academic problems or as necessary to social, sexual, personal or academic success.