Any employee, student, student group, or guest of the university who is found to be in violation of the law or the university alcohol policy shall be subject to disciplinary action by the university and/or federal, state or local authorities.

Penalties for violations of this policy by a university employee may range from oral reprimand to termination of employment as provided for in Rules 6C1-1.007 University of Florida; Code of Penalties
( and 6C1-3.047 Finance and Administration; University Support Personnel System; Disciplinary Procedures (

A student found responsible for a violation of the Student Conduct Code ( will be subject to sanctions which may include one or more of the following penalties as provided in rule 4.041 Student Honor Code and Student Conduct Code: Scope and Violations (, payment of damages, reprimand, conduct probation, suspension, or expulsion. Sanctions shall be commensurate with the offense and any aggravating and mitigating circumstances.

Registered student organizations are subject to disciplinary action by the university as it relates to violations of laws, ordinances, and university rules. Organizational sanctions for violations of this policy by student groups may range from written reprimand and official recognition thereof through revocation of registration or loss of permission to use or meet at campus facilities, or the right to exist at the university as provided for in rule 6C1-4.016(3) of the Florida Administrative Code.