UF Alcohol Policy

The University of Florida is committed to the welfare of its students, staff, faculty and the surrounding community. When individuals misuse alcohol academic performance, health, personal relationships and safety are compromised. The University of Florida neither encourages nor condemns the legal consumption of alcoholic beverages; however, the university recognizes that the majority of undergraduate students are below the legal drinking age. The University of Florida supports the strict enforcement of Florida’s liquor laws. No person may sell, furnish or give alcohol to any person under the age of 21.

Consequently, alcohol will be permitted at the University of Florida only in those settings which comply with state and federal law, municipal county ordinances and this policy, and in no way inhibit the full participation of those who choose not to drink alcohol.

The sale and/or service of alcohol on university property is subject to the approval of the president. This policy accurately reflects in an easier format the regulations and procedures for the authorization of the sale and/or service of alcohol at the University of Florida, which for purposes of this regulation includes all properties under its control and all fraternity and sorority houses.

Campus groups or organizations may establish their own procedures providing they are consistent with the guidelines of this policy.

Business Restriction

Pursuant to University of Florida Regulation 6C1-2.003, F.A.C., the University of Florida does not allow advertising by the following on the University of Florida campus:

  • Simon's Club

If a student group wishes to have an event in any entity listed above, it cannot participate in prohibited advertising.