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GatorWell ‘Call 911’ Poster

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GatorWell 11 Booze Clues-‘Protective Drinking Strategies’

Consuming alcohol under the age of 21 is illegal. If you choose to drink alcohol, there are several protective behavior strategies to consider as ways to stay safe and minimize negative consequences.


Booze Clue #1
Booze Clue #2
Booze Clue #3

Booze Clue #4
Booze Clue #5
Booze Clue #6

Booze Clue #7
Booze Clue #8
Booze Clue #9

Booze Clue #10
Booze Clue #11

GatorWell 21st Birthday Card

Is someone you know turning 21? University of Florida students turning 21 will receive an e-mail from the Dean of Students within one week of their 21st Birthday encouraging safe and responsible celebration of their 21st birthday.

GatorWell/DOE past messages

From 2009-2011, UF was awarded a second two year U.S. Department of Education Grant to Prevent High-Risk Drinking or Violent Behavior among College Students. The four grant goals included:

  • reducing the prevalence of high-risk drinking among first-year students
  • reducing the number of negative consequences related to alcohol use
  • changing the perception that alcohol facilitates sexual opportunities
  • changing the perception that alcohol is required of or facilitates one?s status as a UF student

This grant award resulted in the development of two separate social marketing campaigns being developed, "Beer Goggles" and "Another Night Wasted" which have both been disseminated throughout campus.

Beer Goggles

Download: Hottie, Prince, The Stud, and Babe

Another Night Wasted

Download: Green, Purple, Pink, Yellow, and Blue

‘When I Drink Too Much’ Campaign

From 2009-2010, UF was awarded a one year Models of Exemplary, Effective, and Promising Alcohol or Other Drug Abuse Prevention Programs on College Campuses Grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The purpose of this one year grant was to further enhance its individual, campus, and community level prevention efforts through a variety of strategies including the use of a social norms marketing campaign resulting in the development of the "When I Drink Too Much" series. The three grant goals included:

  • Goal 1: Reduce the prevalence of high-risk drinking.
  • Goal 2: Reduce drinking and driving.
  • Goal 3: Change the perception that alcohol facilitates sexual opportunities.

Download: Chair, Couch, Bikini, Curley Hair, Girl with Guy, and Texting