Our greatest resource is the people who work in the Division. Our hardworking, committed and dedicated professionals consistently place students first by providing innovative technology, sustainable facilities and inspiring programming and opportunities to UF students. Collectively, we bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to the University and our job. We must work to support the professional development, recruitment and retention of our staff.


Our UF alumni are a robust resource for telling the story of the impact Student Affairs had on their lives as college students. We work to use this resource to better our current students’ leadership experiences and provide them with superb networking opportunities. Our alumni are also a tremendous resource in helping to financially support Student Affairs. Working hand in hand with our external relations efforts, our alumni focus on finding ways to expand the support of Student Affairs.


It is essential the Division of Student Affairs continues to find innovative ways of financing our activities as state support declines. Student Affairs will nurture relationships with alumni, parents and families, and other supporters to showcase the Division’s work and financial needs for future development. Additionally, departments must consider innovative ways to enhance finances through generating funds. Fundraising and entrepreneurial activities must be a component of the revenue generation for the Division.


Lastly, the Division will maintain, renovate and construct state-of-the-art facilities to enhance learning and encouraging community, as well as supporting an appreciation for the aesthetics and sustainability of the campus. A key element to student life is the residential, recreational and programming spaces for which the Division of Students Affairs is responsible. The Division is dedicated to keeping our spaces clean and inviting to students while creating flexible and efficient learning environments that foster student engagement and community. Departments within the Division should be intentional about collaborating with others, whether they are a part of the UF community or not, to maintain, renovate or construct student facilities to meet the growing student and staff demands. As we build new facilities, the Division will remain mindful of accessibility standards, sustainability initiatives and environmental priorities.


The Division of Student Affairs must act strategically about the enormous capacity technology has to improve communication, enhance student learning and advance effective and efficient work practices. As a Division we will support efforts to research and develop new products, discover new techniques to connect with students, reduce waste through the use of technology and improve efficiencies.

The Division of Student Affairs will:

  • Continue to develop the skills and talents of staff in our Division
  • Make a commitment to recruit, retain, and nurture talent at all levels
  • Pursue sustainability within our daily practices
  • Discover innovative ways to use technology to improve delivery of student programs and services
  • Pursue new funding opportunities to meet growing student and staffing demands