Application Process and Timeline

Applying for the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement requires the University to collect information about community engagement activities from across the institution and submit an application to the Carnegie Foundation.  

To provide context for how other institutions have responded to this application, please see the following 2010 applications:

The UF Center for Leadership and Service will be coordinating the collecting and documenting the evidence of community engagement, which will be accomplished through the online surveys and in person meetings with campus departments.

The timeline for the process will be:

  • February 17 – Institutional Survey sent to campus departments
  • February 17-28 – Meetings with campus departments to gather documentation
  • March 3-8 – First draft of application
  • March 10-21 – Additional campus meetings as necessary to clarify documentation
  • March 28 – Final draft of application
  • April 15 – Applications Due/Reviewing begins
  • December 2014 – Carnegie Review Process completed/campuses notified
  • January 2015 – 2015 classification results announced